The Road To The Future Is Green

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Self-Transport For The Eco-Conscious


So stylish, people will want to steal it. So secure, they can’t.

You know how some people believe that no one can build a bike quite like the Dutch? The Vanmoof Electrified S2 proves them right.

The design is modern and angular, available in two colours: Thunder Grey and Fog White. The makers also remembered all the forgettable details that make a bike unforgettable: the handlebars, for instance, bend slightly towards the rider, allowing for an upright, casual riding style.

The star feature is easily the keyless stealthlock – a world first. It prevents the bike wheels from turning when you’re not close by – and only you will be able to unlock it with the touch of a button. It also comes with an anti-theft tracking device (though it’s very hard to see how even the most determined thief could steal it).

Other great features include the integrated matrix display: a collection of over 160 lights that bring the frame to life, while displaying speed, battery level and the amount of power assist. There’s also a boost button that allows riders to reach 25 km/hr (the EU-stipulated assisted top end speed for e-bikes) with very little effort. It has an integrated front hub motor with power coming via a beefy Li-ON 36v battery and a quick charge mode (re-juicing the battery by 50% in 80 minutes).

Conclusion: A great bike for city-commuters with design, convenience and safety being top priorities.


Live like there’s no tomorrow while living so there is one.

The Halo Rover isn’t just practica and eco-friendly – it’s also entertainment. And it turns daily commutes into sheer joy. The design is industrial, almost minimalist. It is bigger and wider than its competitors, placing functionality over aesthetics. It has an aluminium frame board and aluminium protective wings for greater durability and wide LED panels at the front provide visibility for riding at night. The back panel has red lights that act as turn signals. It’s heavy, weighing in at 32 lb and, unlike most hoverboards, comes with a carrying case that is really very useful.

The Halo Rover’s star feature is its big, chunky tires (8’5”) that help it ride over pretty much any terrain, assisted by dual independent motors capable of a total output of 800W. It’s powerful enough for slopes inclined at up to 20 degrees (5 degrees more than its competitors). The wheels are also essential for helping it to take on slopes other boards can’t.

Other great features include the built-in bluetooth speakers and free Halo Rover Mobile app (Android and iOS) that track speed, battery life, map rides and more. It’s water-resistant (rated IPX4) but not waterproof (so you can ride it through puddles but not into ponds). It’s also UL2272 certified – which basically means it’s safe to use and won’t explode. The battery is great: it has a 4 year life span and gives a max. range of 10 miles (2 hours travelling time).

Conclusion: The best purchase for off-road users, in terms of quality and safety.


Kind of like convenience packaged as fun.

The Ninebot One Z10 is fantastic to look at: the strict lines of its body resemble Batman’s trustworthy bat-mobile, and one glance at its wheel (18 inch diameter and 103 mm width) is enough to realize that here is a gadget that handles cross-country and high speeds with ease. We particularly like the white light and vertical rows of diode illumination on either side of the wheel.

The Ninebot One Z10 is the first tubeless wheel on the monocycle market. And that matters. It means resistant to damage, a long service life and greater durability.

Other features include a 995Wh Li-ion battery (90 km mileage and 9 hours charging time), an 18 inch rubber vaccum tire for different grounds, speeds up to 20 km/hr and an extremely powerful 1800 W motor controlled by an intelligent system with multiple protection against overheating, short circuiting, etc. It can take on gradients of 25 degrees and carry a 150 kg load, as well.

Conclusion: Suitable for adults and teenagers on pretty much any terrain, including grassland.


For when you need a rucksack. But also a scooter. And maybe a charger too.

Oh, technology. This is why we love you. Movepak looks like a rucksack. It is a rucksack. And a stylish one – 35 L with zippers and pockets. But it’s also part skateboard. And part charging station.

It has a portable electric vehicle attached to the backpack, that remains hidden when it’s not being used. Pulling a dedicated handle slides it out. You simply step on and voila – off you go.

Movepak is capable of reaching up to 15 mph. Its in-built charging station lets you charge your devices while you’re on the move. It also has a sleek LED panel with built-in USB ports and speakers. It’s also extremely easy to use: the average person can master it in about 15 minutes.

Conclusion: Easy and eco-friendly. Convenient and delightfully cuckoo.


Looks like a laptop. Works like a car.

The Walkcar is possibly the smallest vehicle in the world. It’s the size of an ultra compact laptop (13 inches) and fits into pretty much any bag. The design is minimal and sleek. For such a crazy device, it’s also surprisingly discreet: its low height from the ground prevents you from drawing too much attention while moving around the city, unlike the looming presence of a Segway.

You’d expect it to be light and it is – weighing only 2.8 kg. It also takes just an hour to charge which means you don’t need to plan (too much) in advance to use it. The speed it offers is decent – 16 km/hr for up to an hour. It doesn’t have handles but you won’t need them. It’s designed to be controlled by your body and responds to the lightest touch, without making you feel insecure or out of control.
Conclusion: It’s just very, very cool.

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