Why Pearls Are Always Perfect

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“Pearls are always appropriate,” Jackie Kennedy once said. And whether you love her, loathe her, or are completely indifferent to her, you’ve got to admit that when it came to style, she knew what she was talking about. Diamonds, in popular imagination, continue to be the king or, more appropriately, queen of jewels. But there’s something – actually, more than one thing – to be said for choosing pearls in their stead.[url-holder-rotate]

Pearls are incredibly versatile

The image of Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in an elegant black dress with a string of pearls around her neck is burned into popular imagination. Pearls are synonymous with glamour and luxury, but unlike their flashier counterparts, they’re also suited for daytime wear, as any woman who’s worn them with a white shirt would know. This makes them an excellent gift for women with minimalist sensibilities, as well as those who love, to put it bluntly, “dressing up”.

They’re timeless

While clothing and shoes frequently come in and go out of style, as do many kinds of jewellery, this is not the case with pearls. Pearls were chic fifty years ago, they are chic now, and they will be chic fifty years from now. They’re also low maintenance. They do not require to be sent to the jewellery’s for frequent polishing and cleaning. Plus, their value increases over time.[url-holder-rotate]

They’re environmentally friendly

Both South Sea pearls (white, silver, and gold pearls) as well as black or Tahitian pearls can only grow in pristine aquatic environments. As you hopefully know, pearls are made by oysters and oysters are ‘filter feeders’ that remove nitrogen from the environment, significantly reducing marine pollution.

It is a fact that women look better in pearls

They make skin glow. Literally. Pearls are organic, natural, and have a special surface that reflects light on the complexion in a very flattering way, enhancing the skin. Lustrous in themselves, they also impart lustre to the face – a beauty secret that generations of women have made frequent use of.

They’re rich in symbolism

Women have an emotional attachment to jewellery in which symbolism plays an important role. Due to their shape (and place of origin), pearls have always been associated with water. Some stories say that pearls are tears shed by gods. It’s true that pearls are associated with tears, but that simply adds to their poignancy. Women’s happiest moments have been when their eyes have been full of tears – when they’ve been proposed to, on their wedding day, at the birth of a child, or when they’ve been honoured for a career achievement as anybody who watched Halle Berry accept her Oscar at the Academy Awards in 2002 will know.[url-holder-rotate with_pixel=”1″]

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