The magic of makeup. Or not.

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Makeup has been around, in some form or the other, since the beginning of time. Well, maybe not in the garden of Eden but soon thereafter, anyway! Let’s do a quick trip around the world and look at the past through the prism of recorded history. What you might find amazing and amusing today, is that in many cultures (including Europeans and the English) men wearing makeup was d’accord, as the French would put it.

The Egyptians did it…

The Grecians were not far behind…

The Indians, from the sub-continent, did it…

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The geishas in Japan really laid it on!

The Elizabethans would have given the Japs a run for their money!

The Revolutionists refused to give up their face paints!

Even the Victorians had their prim, prissy toned-down version of powder and paint.

Then we come to the 20th century…and makeup trends went up and down like a yo-yo. Which brings us to the present day. Makeup still remains an experimental, anything goes playing field. There are very few hard and fast rules and regulations. The world of makeup is a very crowded field. Brand names – old and newly minted – jostle for attention, screaming at the top of their voices, “Look at me! Look at me! Try me! Now!” Go to any large or small department store – Macys, Boots, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Kohls, Target and more – the areas set aside for makeup and perfumes are thronged with men and women, young and old, of all shapes and sizes and ethnicities. From all corners of the globe. The desire to look their best, to keep pace with the latest trends fashion and beauty, is universal.

However, according to the biggest names in the beauty business, the style experts who set the trends, there are a few criteria that we should abide by…

  • Starting with the mantra that less is more. Always.
  • That makeup should be used keeping in mind…
  • Age. Sheep dressed as lamb is not a good idea. We have all seen older women, with crepe like skin, bags under the eyes, wrinkles around the lips, with thick foundation, bright blue eye shadow, fire engine red lipstick – looking more like gargoyles than fashion models. For older faces, less is always more! As a woman grows older, her makeup should also be toned down.
  • Ethnicity. What looks good on lily white skin is a definite no-no for creamy Asian, dark South Asian and Africans. When choosing from the colors of the rainbow, make sure the tones you choose are in harmony with your skin and hair.
  • Personality type. Some girls and woman can carry off bold, dazzling colors. Outrageous styles like the gothic. A look that makes a statement. And, some can’t. So, when selecting the right makeup and style, take care to wear a look that suits your personality.

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The basics of makeup

Over the years, almost anything goes as far as makeup is concerned. There are no real do’s and don’ts. But, it is the wise woman who does keep in mind a few simple rules that help them to make better, more suitable choices when buying makeup.

Foundation: Always moisturize properly and match your overall body tone. Never apply foundation to bare skin.
Concealer: If you use a concealer, not everyone does, choose one that’s lighter than your foundation.
Contour: To tone down rounded cheeks or the bridge of your nose, use a taupe matte bronzer.
Highlight: High cheek bones nose and lips. Don’t highlight apples of cheeks if you have pores.
Blush: Apply blush on apple of cheeks, blending upwards. Never below the cheek bones.
Eyebrows: Use a pencil or powder that is on one or two shades lighter or darker (depending on the color of your skin)
Eyes: Prime lids for shadow; use a warm-toned color in the crease
Eyeliner: Use pencil, liquid or gel for natural definition; blend down the bottom lash line
Lashes: Use a curler before applying mascara

2019 makeup trends

Black is beautiful. But we always knew that! Black eyeliner is going dramatic in 2018 (reference Marc Jacobs and a few other runway shows). Trace it thick, above and below. Wing it out from the corners of the eyes. Create graphic shapes… just tracing a thin line above your lashes is so very boring!

The Marc Jacobs look. A liquid liner that makes going creative with wings and flic, fool proof and easy.

Bullets are in. Again. After years of liquid lipstick rule, the bullet is back. With a bang! Kylie Cosmetics lipstick bullets – made to a creamy, hydrating formula- been going like hot cakes.

Glitter is gorgeous. Glitter is supersize in 2018. Rhinestones, gems, and sequins… you wear all the glittery stuff on your eyelids, around your eyes, dusted on your cheeks and even on your décolletage.

All that glitters…is gold! The golden glow in makeup has been around for ages…but the gold highlighter that’s the latest ‘in’ thing is a Rihanna special, from her Fenty Beauty line. This dazzling yellow-gold shiny pigment should be all over your face. Dusted on…gently!

Back to the…60’s! That cat-eye flick has got a new twist. No ultra-sharp winglet at the corn of your eyes. Now it has a rounded-off edge – demonstrated by Bella Hadid at the Jason Wu show. Good idea to trace the outline first, then fill it in.

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