How To Find The Perfect Wedding Ring Within Your Budget

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Your wedding ring is probably going to be the most important piece of jewelry you ever own. Like a tattoo, it’s going to be with you for life. So it’s important for it to be durable, beautiful and timeless. It also needs to be affordable so you can actually, you know, buy it in the first place. And there’s the rub. [url-holder]

Good quality wedding rings are more expensive than ever before and many couples are choosing to opt for cheap, low-quality options because they simply can’t afford to pay the asking prices. But you don’t have to be one of them. This article explores how you can find the ring you’ve always dreamt about well within your budget.

1. Learn the art of comparison shopping

Remember that every jewelry store you walk into wants you to walk out with a shiny expensive piece of jewelry. So don’t buy your ring at the first store you enter, or the second, or even the third. Instead, visit at least 5 to 10 stores to suss out what sort of rings are available as well as their competitive pricing. Then, check online stores as well to see if you can find more affordable options there (you probably will). Even if you see the ring of your dreams at the first store you walk into, hold off from buying until you’ve seen what other deals are out there. Most jewelry store sales associates have the authority to offer you a better price if it means making the sale, so you can always go back armed with a quote. [url-holder]

2. Think outside the store

Jewelry stores make you feel special. They’re designed to do that. The plush carpeting, the soft seating, the hushed atmosphere, the sparkle of the gems that surround you. It adds to the experience. It also adds to the price. Here are some other places to find genuinely affordable wedding rings.

  • Department stores often have well-curated jewelry collections with a wide range of styles and flexible prices.
  • Big box stores are becoming popular sources of fine jewelry. They are able to offer competitive pricing because they buy in bulk.
  • Online stores make comparison shopping really easy and you’re also bound to find some great offers.

3. Consider family heirlooms

You don’t need to buy something new to symbolize your love and anyway, vintage is in. Maybe your grandmother’s old jewelry or a great-aunt’s exquisite ring collection will yield something. Don’t hesitate to ask your relatives if they have a piece of jewelry that will do the trick. Apart from the fact that you’ll end up with an exquisite, timeless, vintage ring for free, there’s also the sentimental value of starting your new life with a treasured family heirloom at your fingertips.

4 Explore modern metals

Some people turn up their noses at rings made from titanium or stainless steel. Which is pointless because they offer a wealth of choice in terms of design and price. Experiment with the non-traditional. A stainless steel ring can be as stylish than one made from gold. [url-holder]

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