The Easiest Ways To Hype Up Your Bathroom

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The thought of remodelling the bathroom makes a lot of people break out into a sweat. Their eyes start twitching. Their mouths slacken. Their facial expressions glaze over with misery as they add up the cost and picture the mess. 

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Ouch. But it doesn’t have to be that way you know. The fact that the bathroom is the smallest room in the house actually makes things easier in a lot of ways. It means reduced cost for one thing: less floor to tile, less wall to paint over, fewer cabinets and countertops to deal with…

This article explores very, very, very easy ways to make your bathroom look beautiful (or at least, more beautiful than it looks right now) without traumatizing your wallet –  or your mind.

Add a bit more room

If you’ve got a very small bathroom and limited space to work with,  consider built-ins like recessed  soap dishes,  cabinets and even toilet roll holders. You can even flatten the light on your ceiling by converting it into a recessed light. This trick will help you pry out as much available space as possible, while adding that much-longed for sleek, streamlined look.

Understand the importance of ventilation

Apart from aesthetics, ventilation is necessary from a health point of view. Damp bathrooms are a breeding ground for mold and mold can do nasty things to your body in the long-run. Even if adding a larger window isn’t an option, you must install an exhaust fan. Make sure its exhaust capacity is in conjunction with its noise levels.

Don’t use thick material for your curtains or heavy blinds. Your goal is to let in as much natural light as possible.

Don’t make plants an afterthought

They bring much-needed color and cheer to even the most sterile bathroom. A floating shelf requires little effort and expense – and it will looks absolutely stunning with a few trailing plants on it.

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Pick the right flooring

Solid wood looks great but it doesn’t work all that well in bathrooms in terms of practicality. What you need is hardy flooring that can stand up against damp. Ceramic and porcelain tiles, luxury vinyl planks, sheet vinyl flooring and vinyl tiles are great alternatives that will stand you better in the long run.

Color your bathroom bigger

Dark colors will make your bathroom feel smaller and more claustrophobic. Your color palette should be on the white-or-light color spectrum. Use white or light-colored fixtures as well and keep your bathroom ceiling white or off-white.

Don’t ignore the lighting.

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Most bathrooms, you will notice, tend to have light concentrated in only one spot from a ceiling fixture. This plays a big role in making bathrooms look depressing. So add some lighting around the bathroom mirror – sconces would look great. The lighting doesn’t have to be bright, you can keep it dim but have it spread out. Consider using a dimmer switch, it will come in handy when you need a relaxing bath after a long day.

Add one freestanding piece

It could be a decorative chair or a patterned cupboard. It’s worth making space for especially if you let it serve a practical use as storage space.

Hang stuff more

Hooks are the simplest way to add more surface area to a room without actually adding real surface area. You can use them to hang clothes, bathrobes or towels. You can place them on the back of the door, the side of the cabinets or empty bits of wall. And you can paint them with bright colors or sophisticated metallic shades to add some more character to the room.

Add more mirrors

Most people tend to have just one mirror hanging above the sink. But mirrors are often underestimated as a design element. They expand the room and add more light to it. Consider adding at least one more strategically placed mirror for purely aesthetic purposes.

Protect the bottom half of the wall

Again, this will help protect you from the dampness that causes mold. Beadboard is a great option. It’s easy to install and gives you a lovely antique feel while protecting the lower section of the walls from splashes of water caused by showers and baths. Coat your beadboard with oil-based paint to protect it from moisture. If it doesn’t match your bathroom’s aesthetic vibe, you could try tile wainscot on the bottom of the wall. Stylistically, it’s very versatile and it too will protect the walls from moisture.

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