Standup desk VS treadmill desk to keep you on your toes

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Tired of sitting at your desk for hours on end at work? And do you find yourself having to get up every now and then to stretch your legs even when you know you need to keep on working to meet a deadline? Don’t you wish you could keep working while standing? Or walking? Well, you can now.
Standup Desk vs Treadmill Desk | Life Hyped
Today, you have innumerable options to work without being glued to your chair all day. In fact, you can not only stand while working, you can also work out (gently of course) on a treadmill and get in your quota of cardio without taking time off to go to a gym.

So, which one would you choose – a standing desk or a treadmill desk?

Would you rather sit, walk or stand?

Ideally, every office should offer these options – a standing desk or a treadmill (or walking) desk. Because many people have realized by now that sitting and working really strains their neck and back over prolonged periods of time. Also, this lack of physical activity may lead to obesity, which in turn can affect your health, as in cases of heart disease. Not to mention stiffening of joints, and muscles getting atrophied.

Think of all the times you get up from your chair and stretch, and every part of your body creaks and groans. Not nice, right? And as for the condition of your lower back – the less said about it, the better!

Now that you’ve realized that you would prefer not to sit all the time while working, you need to decide on what you would prefer – standing or walking. First try to identify which health issues you have. For instance, do you have cervical spondylitis or a lower back problem? Or are your knees a problem area? Are your problems aggravated by standing or walking?

So, do your research and weigh the pros and cons of both options before deciding on what works best for you.

Isn’t it time to stand on your own two feet?

*A standing desk offers a multitude of benefits if used under the right conditions. One of its biggest advantages is how it can help control your weight loss issues. For example, if you stand for even just three hours a day for five days a week, you can actually burn up to eight pounds of fat in a year – sounds good, right? And your heart rate will increase by about eight times more every minute, helping you burn up to 30, 000 calories in a year. A higher heart rate and higher metabolism will energize you, increase your focus and make you feel more positive. You don’t even have to make an effort to work out!

Not that there aren’t any negatives with standing desks, but they are outweighed by the positive aspects. You may find some standing desks don’t allow you to adjust their heights. This may lead to swollen ankles or varicose veins. Also, wearing high heels may not be a good idea and you may have to switch to flats while using a standing desk.

However, if you just hang in there and not give up, you’ll find that your body will adjust to standing, and you can, of course, take breaks by sitting down once in a while. So, it’s well worth trying out a standing desk for the long term benefits you will derive.

Walk, don’t run – on the job

If you’re a livewire who loves to be on the move, check out the pros and cons of a treadmill desk. For starters, you don’t have to spend hours on end sitting in one place, getting stiffer by the minute. It keeps you on your feet, keeps you active, and provides your daily dose of exercise as well. What better way to multitask – working and working out?

Your heart rate and metabolic rate will obviously be higher than with a standing desk – but it may not suit everyone. While some people may find themselves being more focused while they are moving mechanically, others may find it a distraction. There are also those who may experience motion sickness.

A treadmill desk, however, may not be a great solution for long hours of work. Ideally, you could try working in short bursts, energize yourself, and let the endorphins kick in until you’re ready to take on the world. If you avoid using a treadmill desk as your primary work station, keeping it more as a backup option, you can have the best of both worlds.

Standing…walking…working from home

**Standing or treadmill desks are a great option for you, if you work from home – which many people do these days. As most remote workers are aware, working from home requires a great deal of discipline. Gradually shifting from a chair to a sofa to a bed is very tempting and gets easier as the day progresses. You can become sluggish, productivity drops and fitness levels suffer.

If you use a treadmill desk at home, you can be more active and focus on your work. And the bonus? You will be able to meet the American Heart Association’s recommendation of achieving 10, 000 steps per day to stay fit and healthy!

So, do consider the pros and cons of using a standing or treadmill desk to optimize your work and fitness levels to stay in the pink of health.



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