4 Home Exercise Machines That Will Make You Cancel Your Gym Membership.

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Obesity is one of the biggest health issues facing the US and it carries a large number of risks ranging from heart attacks to nerve damage. According to Gallup reports, half of all American adults genuinely want to do something about their weight. The most common obstacle, though, is lack of motivation.[url-holder-rotate]

Exercising at home can be a lot more motivating than working out at the gym. Or rather, less demotivating. There’s no one around you except you, so you won’t feel shy or self-conscious. You can wear whatever you want. You can listen to whatever music you want out loud. You can workout whenever convenient – your home has no opening or closing hours (at least for you). And you can save money to spend on wholesome food. An exercise machine is a lot less expensive than a gym membership, especially in the long run.

This article explores the 4 best home exercise machines for losing weight and improving health.


Walking, jogging, running are great ways to burn calories, but the outside world doesn’t always make the road too friendly. Very hot weather or rainy weather, smoke from traffic and crowds of people are all contributing factors. Treadmills offer incredible versatility in terms of exercise. Changing the speed or the angle of the incline drastically affects the level of calorie burn. Plus, a treadmill can be set up anywhere in your home – even in front of the television. If that isn’t incentive, what is? [url-holder-rotate]

Rowing machines

If you’re a beginner or severely overweight, rowing machines are a great choice for you. They provide a total body workout by stimulating the body movements made when rowing a boat, causing you to work out all your major muscle groups. They’re also a lot of fun. Although it’s an intensive workout, you’ll be sitting throughout which means there will be no strain on your legs and knees.

Stationary bikes

Stationary bikes are much more affordable than the other exercise machines on this list, which is why they’re a great option for people on a budget. They’re also a great option for newcomers and the injury-prone because they reduce the strain on legs, knees and lower backs.

Elliptical machines

Elliptical machines enable smooth and fluid movements, placing virtually no pressure on your joints. They activate all the major muscles including your core, providing a highly effective full body workout. The exercises on the machine are easy to adjust – you can increase resistance for greater challenges, avoiding the ‘platform’ effect. a more challenging workout that burns even more calories, resulting in effective weight loss and muscle building.[url-holder-rotate with_pixel=”1″]

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